The GVirtualPay Gateway

Since GVirtualPay is a bank independent payment provider, we offer a variety of payment solutions within our payment platform. At GVirtualPay, we operate a proprietary payment platform which has various implementation packages customized to your business needs. Whether your business is done via Internet or Mail Order / Telephone Order, Gvirtualpay can implement a user friendly payment solution that would suit your current resources.Below are the features of our Payment Gateway:

1. Multi-Currency: GVP gateway supports multi-currency payment schemes.

2. One platform , Multiple Payment Method: GVP platforms process both credit card and alternative forms of payment (e-wallet, ATM cards, mobile wallet). With this approach, our clients are assured of a simple application interface that would allow them to collect in multiple ways.

3. Secure Payment processing: GVP implements the following security measures:

  • 28bit Secure Socket Layer: This is to ensure transaction records being processed by GVP are encrypted and unreadable to outside parties.
  • Digital Signature Authentication through SHA 512 cryptographic algorithm: This is to ensure the data integrity and source of transaction is valid (non-repudiation).
  • End to End encryption: All sensitive information are saved on an encrypted format with strict key management procedures / policy.
  • Merchant I.P. Address Filtering: For added security, Sure Collect can implement merchant source i.p. address filtering which accepts payment transaction originating from the merchant i.p. address defined in the system.
  • OWASP Coding guidelines: All web applications are developed in conjunction to Open Web Application Security Project.
  • Quarterly PCI Scanning (administered by Hackersafe and IPG Labs): All ports and I.P. address that is being hosted by the Payment application is scanned regularly by 2 vulnerability service providers for intrusion prevention.

4. Real time Business reports: Since GVP gateway is a one stop shop for both credit card and alternative forms of payments, its reporting platform is also capable of delivering real time reports to its clients accross all implementation packages applied to the client’s business case.